Green Pastures

Agricultural Innovations

Polyacrylamid hydrogel 


Polyacrylate hydrogel polymer in agriculture is effective in water utilization in agricultural and horticultural crops in areas with rain fed agriculture, from little or negligible to limited irrigation conditions. It offers huge economic viability to cultivations and is a boon to dry states, also called the "future generation of farming". Water Absorbent Technology through super absorbent polymer is one of the revolutionary as well as economical ways to solve the water crisis in the irrigational field. The unique formula of a super absorbent polymer not only solves the water-related problem but also upgrades the soil texture upon its application. This polymer on contact with water, making it behave like micro-tanks, imparting water-retaining property to the roots of the plants, ensuring uninterrupted water supply and normal growth.

Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP)

Modified humidity fresh produce, Nano-engineered atmospheric packaging. These packaging solutions reduce weight loss because of fruit/vegetable mass convection to gases (Co2, ethylene), it slows the aging processes and largely maintains freshness largely for an enhanced period. Elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide and reduced levels of oxygen and ethylene, can be useful supplements to provide optimum temperature and relative humidity in maintaining the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables after harvest.


Barsha Pump

The Barsha Pump is a water wheel propelled pump that uses the flow of rivers to pump water to irrigate farms, without the use of electricity or fuel. This product is designed to help small-holder farmers to irrigate their farms at a low energy cost. The pump can be integrated with storage systems like tanks and ponds to enable farmers to store water. This product is linked to water distribution systems like a sprinkler system, drip system, mister, etc. to help farmers irrigate a larger area of land.

Advanced agricultural machinery

In the era of mass production, agricultural machines need to be as advanced as possible to keep up with the demand. These innovative machineries provide an increase in production and ease the job of agriculture, making it less physical and time-consuming. Tek-li can provide cutting-edge automated agricultural machines that allow farmers to cover larger miles of area in minimum time.