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Green Pastures

Agricultural Innovations

Polyacrylamid hydrogel 


Polyacrylate hydrogel polymer in agriculture is effective in water utilization in agricultural and horticultural crops in areas with rain fed agriculture, from little or negligible to limited irrigation conditions. It offers huge economic viability to cultivations and is a boon to dry states, also called the "future generation of farming". Water Absorbent Technology through super absorbent polymer is one of the revolutionary as well as economical ways to solve the water crisis in the irrigational field. The unique formula of a super absorbent polymer not only solves the water-related problem but also upgrades the soil texture upon its application. This polymer on contact with water, making it behave like micro-tanks, imparting water-retaining property to the roots of the plants, ensuring uninterrupted water supply and normal growth.

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Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP)

Our modified humidity packaging and nano-engineered atmospheric packaging solutions are designed to reduce weight loss due to fruit and vegetable mass convection to gases like CO2 and ethylene. By slowing down the aging process, our packaging solutions maintain freshness for an extended period, ensuring that consumers can enjoy high-quality produce for longer.

Our packaging solutions work by providing elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide and reduced levels of oxygen and ethylene. These supplements help to maintain the optimum temperature and relative humidity required to preserve the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables after harvest. With our innovative packaging solutions, we're helping to ensure that consumers can enjoy fresh, healthy produce for longer, while also reducing food waste and promoting sustainability in the food industry


Barsha Pump


The Barsha Pump is an innovative solution that harnesses the power of rivers to irrigate farmland without the need for electricity or fuel. This water wheel propelled pump is an affordable and sustainable option for small-scale farmers who want to increase their crop yields while reducing energy costs. The pump can be easily integrated with storage systems like tanks and ponds to ensure a reliable water supply, while also connecting with various water distribution systems such as sprinklers, drip systems, and misters to maximize irrigation coverage. With the Barsha Pump, farmers can improve their productivity and sustainability, while also reducing their environmental impact

Advanced agricultural machinery

In today's age of mass production, agricultural machinery must be highly advanced to meet growing demand. Innovative machinery can significantly increase production and make agriculture less physically demanding and time-consuming. Tek-li specializes in providing cutting-edge, automated agricultural machines that allow farmers to cover larger areas in minimal time, providing increased efficiency and profitability for their operations.

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