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Educational Innovations


Toy wooden cubes teach children about energy sustainability. The toy consists of small wooden blocks, each of which is part of the energy cycle – generation, storage, or usage. The generation cubes include blocks topped by solar panels, miniature wind turbines, and hand cranks. The storage cubes are batteries that can be charged by the generation cubes. Finally, there are usage cubes, lights, and speakers powered by the storage cubes. Specially-designed sounds also help children link different energy sources.

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Mochi coding toys


The Mochi system uses Legos, books, blocks, and traditional crafts to teach children the fundamentals of coding The crowdfunded Mochi system uses traditional toys to teach young children how to code. The system replaces a computer screen with blocks and contains a specially designed board. Mochi is designed to inspire children to learn the basics of coding. which is becoming a more and more fundamental part of society, through stories and interactive play. The system uses blocks and a coding board, instead of screens, to make it more child-friendly. Children can listen to the Mochi stories and use the blocks and board to complete tasks. 


A personalized learning platform offers tailored programs and connects students with educators who can provide personalized support. This comes in the form of on-demand courses and one-to-one coaching, with content developed in partnership with leading educational publishers. Leanfully has a matchmaking process that pairs each student with the right program and educator based on their individual needs and learning style. The startup also uses data and technology to create a customized learning plan for each student.


Rise Up


Founded in 2014, Rise Up offers a range of digital and face-to-face learning experiences, designed to help employees upskill and develop their careers. The company’s platform offers personalized, adaptive approaches to learning, considering itself a ‘human-first, AI-driven software solution’. Key features of the platform include a motivational chatbot, a Microsoft Teams integration, innovative tech that harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning, simple integration, and extensive customer support. According to a recent press release, the company works with over 400 customers and has 1 million active learners in 60 countries,

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